Volume 9, Number 4 (Fall 2008)

Special Issue: Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

From the Editors

Passing through the Iron Curtain . . . 703


Catriona Kelly
Defending Children’s Rights, “In Defense of Peace”: Children and Soviet Cultural Diplomacy . . . 711

Greg Castillo
East as True West: Redeeming Bourgeois Culture, from Socialist Realism to Ostalgie . . . 747

David Crowley
Paris or Moscow? Warsaw Architects and the Image of the Modern City in the 1950s . . . 769

Elaine Kelly
Imagining Richard Wagner: The Janus Head of a Divided Nation . . . 799

Paulina Bren
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall … Is the West the Fairest of Them All? Czechoslovak Normalization and Its (Dis)contents . . . 831

Susan E. Reid
Who Will Beat Whom? Soviet Popular Reception of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959 . . . 855

Barbara Walker
Moscow Human Rights Defenders Look West: Attitudes toward U.S. Journalists in the 1960s and 1970s . . . 905


Gyorgy Peteri
The Occident Within—or the Drive for Exceptionalism and Modernity . . . 929


Donald Ostrowski
Sergei Alekseevich Bugoslavskii, Tekstologiia drevnei Rusi (The Textology of Old Rus´). 2 vols., ed. Iurii A. Artamonov; Andrei Leonidovich Nikitin, Tekstologiia russkikh letopisei XI–nachala XIV vv. (A Textology of Rus´ Chronicles from the 11th to the Early 14th Centuries), 1; M. F. Kotliar, V. Iu. Franchuk, and A. G. Plakhonin, eds., Galitsko-Volynskaia letopis´: Tekst. Kommentarii. Issledovanie (The Galician–Volynian Chronicle: Text, Commentary, Research) . . . 939

Vera Dubina 
N. E. Koposov, N. D. Potapova, and M. M. Krom, eds., Istoricheskie poniatiia i politicheskie idei v Rossii XVI–XX veka: Sbornik nauchnykh rabot (Historical Concepts and Political Ideas in Russia in the 16th–20th Centuries: A Collection of Scholarly Works); Peter Тhiergen, ed., Russische Begriffsgeschichte der Neuzeit: Beiträge zu einem Forschungsdesiderat (Russian Conceptual History of the Modern Period: Contributions to a Research Desideratum) . . . 949

Bradley D. Woodworth
Max Engman, Pietarinsuomalaiset (Petersburg Finns); Raimo Pullat, Lootuste linn: Peterburi ja eesti haritlaskonna kujunemine kuni 1917 (City of Hopes: Petersburg and the Formation of the Estonian Intelligentsia to 1917); Izabella Shangina, Natal´ia Revunenkova, and Natal´ia Iukhneva, eds., Mnogonatsional´nyi Peterburg: Istoriia, religii, narody (Multinational Petersburg: History, Religions, Peoples) . . . 963

Johannes Remy
Ricarda Vulpius, Nationalisierung der Religion: Russifizierungspolitik und ukrainische Nationsbuildung, 1860–1920 (The Nationalization of Religion: Russification Policy and Ukrainian Nation-Building, 1860–1920) . . . 977

Marc Elie
Rudol´f Germanovich Pikhoia, Moskva, Kreml´, vlast´ (Moscow, the Kremlin, Power), 2 vols. . . . 988


Michael Melancon
Reply to Lars Lih . . . 997

Contributors to This Issue . . . 999

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