Volume 9, Number 2 (Spring 2008)

From the Editors

An Interview with Michael Confino . . . 279


Ilya Vinitsky
Amor Hereos, or How One Brother Was Visited by an Invisible Being: Lived Spirituality among Russian Freemasons in the 1810s . . . 291

Joshua First
From Spectator to “Differentiated” Consumer: Film Audience Research in the Era of Developed Socialism (1965–80) . . . 317

History and Historians

Robert E. Johnson
“The Greatest Russian Tragedy of the 20th Century”: An Interview with Viktor Danilov (1925–2004) . . . 345

Review Essays

Stephen Lovell
Power, Personalism, and Provisioning in Russian History . . . 373

Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.
The Great White Bear and the Cradle of Culture: Italian Images of Russia and Russian Images of Italy . . . 389

G. M. Hamburg
Imperial Entanglements: Two New Histories of Russia’s Western and Southern Borderlands . . . 407

Nick Baron
New Spatial Histories of 20th-Century Russia and the Soviet Union: Exploring the Terrain . . . 433


Paul Bushkovitch
I. A. Lobakova, Zhitie mitropolita Filippa: Issledovanie i teksty (The Life of Metropolitan Filipp: A Study and Texts); Arkhimandrit Makarii (Veretennikov), Sviataia Rus´: Agiografiia, istoriia, ierarkhiia (Holy Russia: Hagiography, History, Hierarchy) . . . 449

Marc Raeff
Elena Veniaminovna Alekseeva, Diffuziia evropeiskikh innovatsii v Rossii (XVIII–nachalo XX v.) (The Diffusion of European Innovations in Russia [from the 18th to the Early 20th Century]) . . . 457

Ilya Vinkovetsky
Aleksandr Iur´evich Petrov, Rossiisko-amerikanskaia kompaniia: Deiatel´nost´ na otechestvennom i zarubezhnom rynkakh, 1799–1867 (The Russian-American Company: Activity in the Home and Foreign Markets, 1799–1867); Anatolii Viktorovich Remnev, Rossiia Dal´nego Vostoka: Imperskaia geografiia vlasti XIX–nachala XX vekov (Russia of the Far East: An Imperial Geography of Power from the 19th to the Early 20th Century) . . . 463

Balázs Apor
Jan C. Behrends, Die erfundene Freundschaft: Propaganda für die Sowjetunion in Polen und in der DDR (The Invented Friendship: Propaganda for the Soviet Union in Poland and the GDR); Malte Rolf, Das sowjetische Massenfest (The Soviet Mass Festival) . . . 472

Irina Papkova 
Wallace L. Daniel, The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia; Zoe Knox, Russian Society and the Orthodox Church: Religion in Russia after Communism; Nikolai Aleksandrovich Mitrokhin, Russkaia pravoslavnaia tserkov´: Sovremennoe sostoianie i aktual´nye problemy (The Russian Orthodox Church: Contemporary Condition and Current Problems) . . . 481


Norman W. Ingham
To the Editors . . . 493

Contributors to This Issue . . . 495

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