Volume 16, Number 3 (Summer 2015)

From the Editors

What Was the Gulag?            469


Aglaya K. Glebova

Picturing the Gulag            476


Oleg Khlevniuk

The Gulag and the Non-Gulag as One Interrelated Whole            479

Golfo Alexopoulos

Destructive-Labor Camps: Rethinking Solzhenitsyn’s Play on Words            499

Dan Healey

Lives in the Balance: Weak and Disabled Prisoners and the Biopolitics of the Gulag            527

Asif Siddiqi

Scientists and Specialists in the Gulag: Life and Death in Stalin’s Sharashka            557

Emilia Koustova

(Un)Returned from the Gulag: Life Trajectories and Integration of Postwar Special Settlers            589

Daniel Beer

Penal Deportation to Siberia and the Limits of State Power, 1801–81            621

Aidan Forth

Britain’s Archipelago of Camps: Labor and Detention in a Liberal Empire, 1871–1903            651

Judith Pallot

The Gulag as the Crucible of Russia’s 21st-Century System of Punishment            681


David R. Shearer

The Soviet Gulag—an Archipelago?            711


Shoshana Keller

To the Editors            725

Contributors to This Issue             727

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