Volume 13, Number 3 (Summer 2012)

Special Issue: Freedom of Conscience in Russia

From the Editors

Religious Freedom and the Problem of Tolerance in Russian History . . . 509

Note from the Editors . . . 514


G. M. Hamburg
Religious Toleration in Russian Thought, 1520–1825 . . . 515

Victoria Frede
Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Confession, and “Land and Freedom” in the 1860s . . . 561

Paul W. Werth
The Emergence of “Freedom of Conscience” in Imperial Russia . . . 585

Randall A. Poole
Religious Toleration, Freedom of Conscience, and Russian Liberalism  . . . 611

Review Article

Elidor Mëhilli
The Socialist Design: Urban Dilemmas in Postwar Europe and the Soviet Union . . . 635

Review Forum: Scholarship, Ethnicity, and Empire

Nathaniel Knight
Vocabularies of Difference: Ethnicity and Race in Late Imperial and Early Soviet Russia . . . 667

Dietrich Beyrau
Eastern Europe as a “Sub-Germanic Sphere”: Scholarship on Eastern Europe under National Socialism . . . 685


Konstantin Erusalimskii
Gail Lenhoff and Ann Kleimola, eds., The Book of Royal Degrees and the Genesis of Russian Historical Consciousness; Aleksei Vladimirovich Sirenov, Stepennaia kniga i russkaia istoricheskaia mysl´ XVI–XVIII vv. (The Book of Royal Degrees and Russian Historical Thought in the 16th–18th Centuries); Andrei Sergeevich Usachev, Stepennaia kniga i drevnerusskaia knizhnost´ vremeni mitropolita Makariia (The Book of Royal Degrees and Old Russian Book Culture in the Time of Metropolitan Makarii), ed. A. A. Gorskii . . . 725

Aleksandr Iu. Polunov
Mark Bassin, Christopher Ely, and Melissa K. Stockdale, eds., Space, Place, and Power in Modern Russia: Essays in the New Spatial History; David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, Russian Orientalism: Asia in the Russian Mind from Peter the Great to the Emigration . . . 736

Daniel Stotland
M. M. Narinskii and S. Dembski, eds., Mezhdunarodnyi krizis 1939 goda v traktovkakh rossiiskikh i pol´skikh istorikov (The International Crisis of 1939 in the Works of Russian and Polish Historians) . . . 745

Petre Petrov
Natal´ia Avtonomova, Otkrytaia struktura: Iakobson—Bakhtin—Lotman—Gasparov (Open Structure: Jakobson—Bakhtin—Lotman—Gasparov) . . . 752

Contributors to This Issue . . . 763

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