Volume 10, Number 4 (Fall 2009)

From the Editors

Against Falsification, and a Changing of the Guard . . . 747

Forum: Internal Enemies and External Influences—Stalin-Era Cinema

Andrey Shcherbenok
The Enemy, the Communist, and Ideological Closure in Soviet Cinema
on the Eve of the Great Terror (The Peasants and The Party Card) . . . 753

Sergei Kapterev
Illusionary Spoils: Soviet Attitudes toward American Cinema during 
the Early Cold War . . . 779


Julian Graffy
Writing about the Cinema of the Stalin Years: The State of the Art . . . 809

Ex Tempore: Toward a New Orthodoxy? The Politics of History in Russia Today

David Brandenberger
A New Short Course? A. V. Filippov and the Russian State’s Search for a “Usable Past” . . . 825

Vladimir Solonari
Normalizing Russia, Legitimizing Putin . . . 835

Boris N. Mironov
The Fruits of a Bourgeois Education . . . 847

Elena Zubkova
The Filippov Syndrome . . . 861

Review Article

Nikolay Mitrokhin
“Strange People” in the Politburo: Institutional Problems and the Human Factor in the Economic Collapse of the Soviet Empire . . . 869

Review Essays

Liliya Berezhnaya 
Does Ukraine Have a Church History? . . . 897

Theodore R. Weeks
Urban History in Eastern Europe . . . 917

Karsten Brüggemann
Russia and the Baltic Countries: Recent Russian-Language Literature . . . 935


David B. Miller
Nikolai Nikolaevich Pokrovskii and Gail D. Lenhoff, eds. Stepennaia kniga tsarskogo rodosloviia po drevneishim spiskam: Teksty i kommentarii [“The Book of Degrees of the Tsars’ Genealogy” according to the Oldest Manuscripts: Texts and Commentary], 3 vols., 1: Zhitie sviatoi kniagini Ol´gi, Stepeni I–X [The Life of Princess St. Ol´ga; Degrees 1–10]; Aleksei Vladimirovich Sirenov, Stepennaia kniga: Istoriia teksta [The Book of Degrees: History of a Text] . . . 957

Andrew A. Gentes
Nicholas B. Breyfogle, Abby Schrader, and Willard Sunderland, eds., Peopling the Russian Periphery: Borderland Colonization in Eurasian History; L. M. Dameshek and A. V. Remnev, Sibir´ v sostave Rossiiskoi imperii [Siberia as Part of the Russian Empire] . . . 963

Barbara Alpern Engel
Irina Iukina, Russkii feminizm kak vyzov sovremennosti [Russian Feminism as a Challenge of Modernity] . . . 974

Kevin McDermott 
Paul R. Gregory, Lenin’s Brain and Other Tales from the Secret Soviet Archives; Stenogrammy zasedanii Politbiuro TsK RKP(b)–VKP(b), 1923–1938 gg. [Stenograms of the Meetings of the Politburo of the CC RCP(b)–AUCP, 1923–38], 3 vols. . . . 982

Anton Fedyashin
Nataliia Narochnitskaia, Rossiia i russkie v mirovoi istorii [Russia and the Russians in World History]; Narochnitskaia, Russkii mir [The Russian World]; Narochnitskaia, Za chto i s kem my voevali [For What and with Whom We Fought] . . . 992

In Memoriam

Daniel H. Kaiser
Richard Hellie (1937–2009) . . . 999

Contributors to This Issue . . . 1007
Erratum . . . 1010

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